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September Newsletter

Greetings from Paris, France!

We arrived the first week of September and will be here till December. God has great revival in store for the city of Paris! We are excited to take part in what God is doing here.

Two little people very excited to see the Eiffel Tower

After many years of prayer and fasting, there is a UPCI church in the heart of Paris, France. It is truly miraculous, as both economic and secular pressures make it difficult to have a church location inside the "periferique". What an exciting time! God is pouring out His spirit and people are sharing the Gospel inside the heart of this influential multicultural city.

We are blessed to be under the Brochu's and along side the Carsons. The church is growing, and we will be assisting them in preparing for the next level of harvest.

The Carsons and us on our first Sunday at Paris Centre

The Paris Centre Church is in revival! God is drawing people in from off the streets! Every service there are new visitors that find the church on the internet. Thanks to Baron Carson for his ingenuity in making Paris Centre Church the first to come up in an internet search for Pentecostal churches!

Five were filled with the Holy Spirit and two were miraculously healed in the month of September!

Missionary Dean Byfield preached a powerful Holy Ghost message!

We quickly saw Gods hand in our being here, as we drove from the airport to our apartment to find that our landlords are spirit filled Christians! We have had a wonderful time connecting with this fine couple. Already, we've prayed together and shared the word. A few weeks ago they visited Paris Centre church and both testified of miraculous healing! We will soon be studying the Word together in a home Bible study. God is doing a great thing!

Our time here is a short 3 months, but we are putting our feet on the ground by prayer walking the city of Paris.

Paris is a city whose foundation is built on the age of enlightenment, a mentality that says "we do not need a God." It's people are bound by humanism, vanity and rebellion. The five senses are sure to be fed here. This dynamic city reaches around the world. It is the epicenter of the French speaking world, which has strong ties to western Africa. It is a center for European politics, fashion, food and culture. Truly a city of global influence. Great revival is coming to this city!

We invite you to pray with us for Paris, France.

Please pray that the eyes of the people will be opened, ears unstopped, and hearts softened so that they can see and receive God.

Pray that there would be a change in the spiritual climate.

Pray for God's favor to be on the church and it's people.

Pray that the Parisians would be drawn by God's spirit.

Pray that God would lead us to the spiritually hungry and thirsty.

Pray God will lead us to key people.

Pray God would grant miracles, signs and wonders with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

We thank you greatly for your support on our journey.


Ryan, Keirstin, Caronline, and Monte Paul



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