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October November Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We pray you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We are coming to the close of a very blessed year, our first year in Missions! We've given many home Bible studies, gone on prayer walks, seen miracles, baptized many and seen souls filled with the glorious Holy Spirit. We answered the call and God has given the increase.

It has been a great blessing to be a part of Paris Center Church this fall. Pastor and Sister Brochu, Brother and Sister Carson, and the wonderful congregation have opened their hearts to us and have made our experience here wonderful. It is a revival church, and we are thankful we had the opportunity to witness first hand the marvelous things God is doing in Paris. Here are some highlights of the great things God has done at Paris Center Church while we were here.

Prayer Walking

There is power in prayer walking. We have witnessed whenever we take a focus week of fasting and prayer walking, things happen. The churches in Paris Center were all started after focused prayer walking! The youth of France are focusing on prayer walking the 12 Arrodismments of Paris! Truly, this is the season of harvest!! We are experiencing the book of Acts as God works to reach the people of Paris!

Landlords baptized in Jesus Name!

Our landlord and his wife in Paris were baptized in Jesus Name!

Since our arrival in Paris we have been teaching Search for Truth Bible Study to several groups. Many have seen the oneness of God and their necessity of water Baptism in Jesus Name and Baptism of the spirit!

Our landlords are no exception! They were baptized in Jesus Name the afternoon after France Youth Convention! They are full of the Holy Ghost and now faithful to our UPCI church in Paris Center. We believe God has His hand on this special couple. They are very knowledgeable in the Bible, and we know they will do great things for His kingdom!

I invited my dad to teach the Bible study with lady from India while he was in France.

Bible study with Indian lady has been powerful! Her husband is Hindu, but not for long, he was weeping in the altar last Sunday!

God is moving greatly in the Bible studies with a group of University students who found our church through an internet search!

Preaching in Melun

Preaching at headquarters church in Melun, France

The work in France is well established and thriving. It was pioneered and led by the Nowacki family. They, along with many other great ministers, have planted churches across this beautiful country. We were blessed to connect with the Nowacki and Byfield families, and gain exposure to this great work in France. We were graciously invited to preach at the head quarters church Centre Evangelique Le Roche (The Rock Evangelism Center) in Melun, just south of Paris. It is a church in revival!

EPU Youth Convention

The first weekend of November the UPC of France hosted the annual European Youth Convention with 1000 people present for the meetings. It is one that is well attended by the youth in France and across Europe. Aaron Bounds sang and preached powerful messages and many received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We are grateful the Showalters, Keirstin's parents, were able to come to France to present Global Campus Ministries at the conference and spend additional days with us.

Coming Home

We are Thankful for you our family, friends and co-laborers. You support the work of God with your prayers, and sacrificial giving.

We will in the United States from December through mid February, raising our funding for the 2020 year. We will spend 2020 in Barcelona, Spain where will be involved in evangelism and church planting as well as any other needs.. We are grateful to work in one place for an extended time and are excitingly looking forward to working under Missionaries Nathan and Tanya Harrod and their team.

We hope to connect with you while we are home! Our schedule is open! We will be in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana during December and Mississippi,Tennessee, Louisiana, and Texas, January and February.

We love you and appreciate your burden and support for Global Missions. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing in Europe and the Middle East. 2019 has been a year full of miracles signs and wonders and have seen many lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

Many blessings and thanks,

Ryan, Keirstin, Caroline and Monte Paul

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