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May Newsletter

Greetings in the Powerful Name of Jesus!

What a glorious time we had in Cyprus. While very short, it was extremely developmental. It takes many years to really feel what it is like to pastor a church, but in the two months we were on our own, we got to feel the pastoral rhythm and responsibility.

Our Last Sunday at Pentecostals of Larnaca, Cyprus

God moved mightily in Cyprus. We prayed specific things in pre-service prayers, and He showed Himself powerful. We prayed for the Summers to receive financial blessings while on deputation for the work in Cyprus. God answered quickly and they received a project approved that may enable them to purchase the building the church is in.

We prayed that we would see the lame walk. A couple weeks later, a Sister in the church testified of praying for a person who could not walk. After being prayed for the lady was able to walk again!

We prayed we would see great miracles that would cause people to be added to His kingdom. A lady who attended the church was about to move England. She was helping a lady with severe depression by caring for her children. Depression had her bed ridden, but the lady from church prayed for her, and a few hours later during the time when the husband typically comes to pick up the children, the woman was picking up her children, completely healed from the depression! Our church member was so touched by this miracle that she was filled with the Holy Ghost her last Sunday!!

A Powerful Move of God in Cyprus

John 14:14 says If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it. These and other answered prayers have lifted our faith, and believe in these last days, God will show us a revival that is beyond what we

can ask or think. We are seeing things that only God can do!

Visiting Downtown Larnaca, Cyprus with the Reeves

We were honored and blessed to spend time with the Reeves, the next family filling in for the Summers in Cyprus. We made a life long connection with a couple who's journey into missions is similar to ours.

RBD team in beautiful Old Town, Riga, Latvia

At the end of May, we traveled to the nation of Latvia for a three month training with Missionary Mark Shutes. We are excited for this developmental opportunity to learn fundamentals of street evangelism, prayer walking, church planting, operating in the Gifts of the Spirit, leadership development, and managing a church. This training will be a foundation for our work in God's kingdom.

Monte and Caroline in a Park in Downtown Riga, Latvia

We thank you for every prayer, view on our social media pages, and your financial support. We are humbled by this opportunity to serve, and are giving it our all. May God richly bless you.


Ryan, Keirstin, Caroline and Monte Paul



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