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March/April 2019 Newsletter

We are blessed to be writing you from the mission field in Cyprus. After many years of feeling the call, praying, waiting, and wondering if the door would ever open, it is amazing to be in the region we feel He has called us to. It was a long process of selling our home, packing our belongings, leaving our careers, and flying to the field. We are both relieved and thrilled to be on the other side.

After three weeks with Keirstin’s parents, the Showalters, we are on our own Pastoring the Pentecostals of Larnaca in Cyprus. We are helping Bro Stephan and Sis Debra Summers here while they are in the US for deputation. It is an international church which runs between 30 and 45 on Sundays.

We are thankful to be a part of the great work of Stephan and Debra Summers here in Cyprus. It has been a tremendous time of growth for us in the land where the Apostle Paul stopped first on his missionary journeys.

Sister Pricilla, a former Buddhist from Sri Lanka, received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost our first Sunday here, was Baptized in Jesus’ Name the next Sunday. Every Sunday she comes with a testimony of someone she prayed for healed and changed by “My Jesus the Powerful”.

We have been corporately praying, fasting,

and prayer walking across the country of Cyprus. We’ve weekly experienced miracles and great moves of God in our services. Three have received the gift of the Holy Ghost and four have been baptized in Jesus Name since March 1.

On Easter Sunday, as we had a powerful Holy Ghost service. We had five first time guests. The Lord filled one with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and a first time guests from Sardinia was baptized in Jesus name! A young Hindu lady also prayed to receive the Holy Ghost, and has indicated she would like to be baptized the following week. Glory to God!

We are believing God for great things in the remaining services during our time in Cyprus, and are anxiously awaiting our coming time of training at the RKR center in Riga, Latvia in June. At the RKR center, we will be training under Mark and Robin Shutes, and learning the Revival By Design principles of church planting and evangelism.

We thank you greatly for your prayers and support. We are seeing lives transformed as people are healed, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We are adding prayer points below this message to help guide your prayers.

We invite you to agree with us in prayer for revival in Cyprus.

May God richly bless you,

Ryan, Keirstin, Caroline, and Monte Paul

Missionaries to Europe and the Middle East


 Pray for revelation and light to break through the darkness in the country of Cyprus.

 Pray for the atmosphere to change to make it easy for people to understand and desire truth.

 Pray for divine connections with people.

 Pray for our church members to get Sundays off of work so they can attend our weekly services.

 Pray spiritual and physical protection over us and our leaders.

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