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June Newsletter

An Art Nouveau Building in Riga, Latvia

Greetings from Riga, Latvia! The Baltic States, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are a beautiful part of the world. We are enjoying a cool and very bright summer, as the sun sets for only a few hours. Riga is known for its Art Nouveau architecture. It is a people with a troubled past, they suffered severe oppression under Soviet, German, and again Soviet occupation up until 1991. Despite the stoniness of their hearts, God is doing great things among the Latvian people.

RKR Training Center Classroom Session

Our main purpose for coming to Latvia was to attend the Robert K Rodenbush Training Center. This training was led by Bro Mark Shutes. The training gave us great insight into the gifts of the Spirit, prayer walking, evangelism, church planting, and church growth. We gained the foundational knowledge needed in order to step into a foreign field independently.

Our Team on a Prayer Walk

After the training, students were divided into teams, and assigned an area of the city to work in, With the goal to evangelize, make contacts, teach Bible studies, see people filled and baptized, and start a preaching point. Prior to outreach, each team was required to do prayer, fasting, and prayer walks for seven days.

Caroline and Monte, our Ambassadors for Jesus

What a difference the prayer, fasting and prayer walks made. Immediately after, the Lord gave us several great contacts. We live in the Embassy district. Our little Ambassadors for Jesus, Caroline and Monte, have connected us to ambassador and delegate families from several countries.

A Great Move of God in House Church

One delegate lady is a Christian, but was struggling in her faith, God moved mightily on her in our service, and refilled her with the Holy Ghost! We are having Bible studies, and have shared the oneness of God and Jesus name baptism.

We have connected with an ambassador from a major European country, he and his family attend one of our services. The ambassador was amazed to hear my story of leaving my career to go into missions. I was able to share with him that being born of Water and of Spirit is the true Christian experience. This family attended our house church and experienced a mighty move of God.

Pray for these influential people, as our time is short, and there is much to accomplish.

Ryan Speaking at the EME Campus Ministries Conference

There were several great EME regional conferences we were able to be a part of. I had the privilege to speak on Spiritual Warfare at the Campus Ministries International. It was a great conference where many received vision and tools to reach university students. College campuses are a field ready to harvest, as these students are some of the most open to the Gospel.

Bro David Bernard Speaking at the Oneness Conference

We were greatly blessed to be a part of an Oneness Conference to the Russian-speaking countries of the former CIS and Central Asia with Bro David Bernard. We had the privilege to meet several pastors and ministers from Central Asia. There were many trinitarian pastors in attendance, some of them are over 10 -100 churches. During the conference they were free to ask questions about the Godhead. Attendees were baptized in Jesus name during the conference. Truly, God is bringing people to truth in these last days.

We greatly look forward to continuing to reach people here in July and into August. At the end of August, we will be traveling to Turkey for two weeks. Much of Paul's ministry took place in this country. We will travel with the Robinsons to church services around Turkey. From Turkey we move to Paris to begin our work with the Brochus this Fall. We thank you for every prayer, view on our social media pages, and your financial support. We are humbled by this opportunity to serve, and are giving it our all. May God richly bless you.


Ryan, Keirstin, Caroline and Monte Paul

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