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August Newsletter

Bonjour from Paris, France!

After an amazing summer in Latvia, we have arrived in Paris, France via Turkey. Interestingly, our first journey was to Cyprus, the Apostle Paul's first journey. We were excited to pass through Turkey where Paul spent the majority of his ministry.

Turkey is a beautiful country in rapid expansion. It is home to the seven churches of Revelation. We had the opportunity to visit the ruins in Ephesus and Laodicea and pass through the regions of Galatia, Pergamum, and Thyatira.

The ancient ruins of Ephesus are spectacular. You can see the true pagan state of the time, and imagine how Paul turned the place upside down by his question, "Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?". We walked the "Roman Road" in Ephesus where the silversmiths would have had their businesses of selling idols in market stalls along the road. The influence of the Apostle Paul was so strong that these businesses were afraid of failure.

Laodecia was a major city of the world in Paul's day. It ruins are beautiful and show the splendor of its time. just on the other side of the valley from it are "lukewarm" thermal springs that maintain the same temperature throughout the year. The church of Laodecia was neither hot nor cold, they were affluent and were distracted from their first love.

The ministry in this country is inspiring. The representatives the Robinsons are seeing significant revival in cities all over the country. Six of the Seven churches and groups we visited were Iranian immigrants who fled their home country due to their faith. How truly inspiring it is to hear their stories. Everyone has to overcome some difficulty to find the Gospel, but to hear what these people have gone through is humbling. They have an unwavering, pure faith.

We preached in 5 church services in 4 days. We were blessed to see six people filled with the spirit. One of which was the interpreter's mother. There were many miraculously healed and we witnessed 13 people eagerly awaiting to be baptized in the powerful name of Jesus come out of the water transformed.

In our last service, a woman with a severe headache asked for prayer. When we prayed, and she praised the Lord, the power of God hit her and she was instantly healed. Next, a man came up with shoulder and neck pain. Before we prayed, we asked him to move his arm, he could not get his elbow above his shoulder. He was instantly and miraculously healed, and raised his arm all the way without pain. The level of faith in the room and their passionate praise of the Lord was truly amazing after these two miracles occurred.

We were thankful to arrive safely in Paris France. The Lord has done a miraculous thing in allowing a work to be inside the heart of Paris, France. This beautiful city has immigrants from around the world and has powerful influence. We are thankful to be able to work with Paul and Darla Brochu, and Barron and Jen Carson in the heart of this great city. We look forward to seeing what the Lord does during this time. God orders every step. To our surprise our landlord is spirit filled and there are scriptures hanging on the walls of our apartment. We look forward to seeing what God will do in their lives!

Caroline and Monte were excited to see the Eiffel Tower

We have begun our 7 days of fasting and prayer walking around the area we live in as well as the area where the church is. Stay tuned. We know we will see what only God can do!

We thank you for every prayer, view on our social media pages, and your financial support. We are humbled by this opportunity to serve, and are giving it our all. May God richly bless you.


Ryan, Keirstin, Caroline, and Monte Paul

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